Reach directly and rapidly

Based on User Personas, marketing service; reach
TA directly and rapidly

High conversion

High reach rate and conversion rate
Obvious promotion effect

Abundant types

Rich information template to ensurethe diversity
of promotion; make marketing close to life

WeChat Message

Real-time promotion

·Based on LBS
·Push to single users
·Message sent in real time

Global marketing range

·WeChat marketing in the traveling
·Wide coverage
·High user reach rate

Lasting marketing

·WeChat official account message sending
·Various cross-border services
·High daily activeness
·Check historical message easily

Media Agency

Outbound media agency advertising


Integrate outbound media in various ways

Brand promotion

Social media marketing

·Create official account ( WeChat, Weibo etc.)
·We-media operation

Brand position and broadcast

·Product market search and analysis
·Brand position and market strategy

Marketing promotion solution

·Marketing environment search and analysis
·Promotion plan

Brand promotion

·PR service and Crisis management
·Organize offline activity