Many Cross-border Media

Cross-border telecommunication resource

Integrate lots of cross-border telecommunication provider

Cross-border payment resource

Docking with Alipay, Wechat payUnionpay etc

International famous ADX

Docking with Tecent, Ali
etc ADX

Industry media

Cover billions of group

Cross-border telecommunication resource

·Cooperate with many telecommunication companies
·Targeted user data
·Fast and nonstop SMS and WeChat market

Cross-border payment resource

· Abundant cross-border ad point after payment
· Cooperate with payment APP
· Cover cross-border group

ADX famous international ADX

· Docking with plenty of internet ad platform
· Cover groups at home and abroad
· Abundant data tags make ad more targeting

Industry media and application

· Docking with plenty of industry media
· Cover vertical industry APP
· Specific attribute of people